Is the artwork awesome?

Perhaps it is...perhaps it is not.   Whether yea or nay remains moot, for it is in the subject where the awesomeness resides. This is a tribute to a love beyond human comprehension, a sacrifice beyond our ken.

It is through Seh ha'Elohiym, the Lamb of God, that we are grafted into the mishpochah b'haShem -- the family of God, may His name be blessed.
Awesome Lamb Fabric Collage
Seh ha'Elohiym,
the Awesome Lamb

Seh ha'Elohiym, this collage,  is an expression of love and thanksgiving designed and hand-crafted by Elly Nelson, teacher of the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith and Speaker.

Constructed piece-by-tiny-piece over a three-month period, the "Awesome Lamb" plays an integral part in Elly's  teaching the "Supernatural Powers Hidden in the Hebrew Letters",

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"...a Christian all my life, it was not until I saw and could release the forces hidden within the Hebrew letters that I truly began to grasp the scope of God's love for us or the true nature of our Redeemer"
Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet

Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer.

Explore the meaning of the Hebrew letters in Seh ha'Elohiym now.
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     Did you know that the shape of all 22 letters of the Hebrew Alephbet can be discerned in the Star of David?   Is it any wonder that his enemies quaked at the sight of the shield bearing the star, for all the force of Lashon ha'Kodesh (the Holy tongue), through which G-d spoke all things into existence was both raised against them and simultaneously shielded the armies of Israel.

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